MBA Information session

21/01/2020 18:30 au 21/01/2020 19:15 (Europe/Luxembourg)

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Find out more about the MBA programme of the ISEC Luxembourg and what it means to study while working.

The information sessions take place once a month and give detailed information about studying at the ISEC, the programme and its contents and specializations. On top of that participants get information on how to combine their professional life and the studies. It is also the perfect venue to ask any questions regarding the MBA. The participation is free of charge.


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7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
    L-1615 Luxembourg
+352 46 50 16 1


De 21/01/2020 18:30
À 21/01/2020 19:15

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+352 46 50 16 1

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