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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Business Administration

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The part-time bachelor's degree in Business Administration provides you with general qualifications in all business fields. Whether small business, medium-sized company, or large corporation - any company needs economic all-rounders. As a graduate of the bachelor programme in Business Administration, your overall economic understanding will make you a sought-after candidate for many profiles. The objective of the degree is the transfer of expertise in business administration and economics and the application of scientific methods, both quantitative and qualitative. Basics in business psychology and the question of ethics in organisations complement the course. 

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Antje Weber

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Where: Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg


With your interdisciplinary know-how in business administration and management you can, for example, work in these fields of a company:

  • General Management and Executive Functions

  • Human Resources: Participation in the strategic personnel selection and development strategies

  • Project management: Project planning and implementation

  • Controlling: Optimisation of performance measurement systems

  • Finance: Financial planning for individual corporate divisions

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded the degree Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Business Administration by the FOM Hochschule fuer Oekonomie & Management. The FOM is system-accredited by the Foundation for International Business Administration (FIBAA), therefore this study programme is also accredited.

1st Semester 

Management Basics

  • Introduction to scientific work

  • Basics in economics, law and entrepreneurship

Human Resources

  • HR management
  • HR marketing
  • Personnel selection and development
  • Personnel management

Introduction to Mathematics

  • Financial mathematics
  • Linear algebra
  • Integral calculus

Competence- & Self-Management

  • Professional success and qualifications
  • Personality
  • Skills
  • Self-management skills

2nd Semester 

Cost Accounting & Accounting

  • Cost and activity accounting
  • Double-entry accounting
  • computerised accounting

Microeconomics & New Institutional Economics

  • Consumer, business and trade theory
  • Pricing in markets
  • Transaction costs

Business- & Private Law

  • Trade law

  • International business law

Scientific Work

  • Scheduling, self and time management
  • Formal requirements
  • Research methods

3rd Semester 

Supply, Production & Marketing

  • Supply chain management
  • Production
  • Basics market research
  • Operative marketing

Balances & Taxes

  • Basics IFRS
  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Tax theory

Finance & Investment

  • Stakeholder & Shareholder management
  • Finance- und business planning
  • Business valuation

Business Psychology

  • Financial psychology
  • Work psychology
  • Organisational psychology
  • Marktet- and consumption psychology

4th Semester 

Strategic Management

  • International and global strategy
  • Instruments of strategic managements (BCG matrix, Ansoff matrix)

Macroeconomics & Economic Policy

  • Economic cycle, growth, labour market
  • Money, credit and inflation
  • Competition policy
  • Internationale trade

Business Ethics

  • Moral and ethics
  • Values
  • Basics in philosophy
  • Ethics and economy

Scientific Methods – Quantitative Data Analysis

  • Statistical software
  • Implementation of a quantitative and scientific analysis

            5th Semester 

            Financial Management

            • Share-/Stakeholder value management

            • Private equity

            • Risk management

              Marketing Management

            • Marketing strategies

            • B2B-marketing

            • Consumer behaviour

            Operative Controlling

            • Standard cost accounting
            • From cost accounting to cost management (activity based costing, target costing, life cycle costing)

            Competence (Elective)*

            You choose one of the following modules:

            • Negotiation skills

            • Business English

            6th Semester 

              Organisation Management

            • Organisational design

            • Company culture

            • Leadership theories and models

            Trend Research & Innovation

            • Practical trend research (think tanks)

            • Innovation management

            Project Management & IT-Basics

            • Introduction to business informatics
            • Basics of information technologies
            • Software tools for project management

            Scientific Methods – Qualitative

            • Principals of qualitative research
            • Criteria for qualitative research
            • Practical implementation of qualitative research

            7th Semester 

            Turnaround Management

            • Turnaround analysis/review

            • Extrajudicial vs. judicial procedure

            • Early crisis detection

            Bachelor thesis

            Oral examination

            *Elective "Competence":

            The offer of a module depends on a minimum number of participants. Modules can vary.

            Subject to change

            Studying at ISEC Luxembourg is the optimal solution for all full-time employees in the greater SaarLorLux region, who are looking for a further qualification in business administration. It offers students the opportunity to combine working and studying, yet the scope of studies and the extremely challenging contents are equivalen to full-time studies. Thanks to their vast experience in the private sector, in everyday professional life or as professors at other universities, the lecturers have a very high level of competence and convey their knowledge with great enthusiasm. What certainly distinguishes ISEC Luxembourg from other institutes in the area is that the degree is an internationally recognised bachelor's degree, opening up a wide range of job opportunities for successful gradutates. 

            Philipe Braunshausen

            Business Assistant at Deloitte Audit Sàrl

            2nd Semester BBA 

            At a glance


            • school leaving certificate (e.g. Diplôme de fin d'études secondaires, Abitur, etc.)

            • current employment or apprenticeship, Trainee programme, etc.

            • additionally for the study course in English: proof of English level B2 or higher (CEFR)

            Under certain conditions admission for applicants without the necessary access requirements is possible.

            Adults without a degree in secondary education, or with a degree that does not allow them to pursue certain higher education courses due to its subject-specific nature, are given access to higher education studies through the DAES (Diplôme d'accès aux études supérieures) offered by ENAD (Ecole nationale pour adultes). For more information click here:

            Workload: 180 credit points (ECTS)

            Duration: 7 semesters

            Semester break:  September and Christmas

            Tuition fees:  enrolment fee:      €800

                                           course fee:              €14,490 (possibility to pay in 42 monthly instalments of  €345)

                                           examination fee:  €750 (payable at the end of the studies)

            The tuition fees may under certain circumstances be tax deductible. Contact your accountant or tax office for more information.

            Schedule:  Classes in the evening and on Saturday

            Further Information:

            Partial recognition of course modules and/or admission to undergraduate programmes can be requested in accordance with the VAE (Validation des acquis de l'expérience, achnowledgement of prior learning).

            Subject to change

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